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What is Smart RVM system?

An eco-innovative system motivating the returning of PET bottles and aluminum cans, the basic unit of which is a drop-off machine, or a Reverse Vending Machine.

By recovering clean, segregated raw material, the system helps to achieve the objectives of the circular economy.

Smart RVM is about a synergy

of all its parts

System Smart RVM R3Polska

Think ahead!

The system is based around the circular economy idea. It works with integration module of polish BDO system. In the future you will be able to upgrade the system with pay-off feature. Reports from collected data can be used to prove you act in accordance with producer responsibility regulations.


Smart RVM system is perfect for cities, ports and harbors, store chains,  drink manufacturers and any other entities interested in eco-innovations.

Ekopozytywny System SMART RVM

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